Welcome to thinkBRITE

We are a community-based organisation specialising in the delivery of community cohesion and cultural awareness training and education.


Our focus is on courses dealing with Islam and Muslim culture within a British societal and workplace context. We offer a range of services from workshops and training sessions to interactive mosque visits.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you. Our friendly team would be delighted to hear from you!

BRITE is an acronym which stands for: BRitish Islamic Training & Education.

Our Vision
Muslims are perhaps the most misunderstood religious group in the world. Myths and stereotypes abound about their faith, beliefs and customs. Consistent negative portrayal in the mainstream media adds to the misconceptions, fuelling fires of resentment, suspicion and even hostility.

We hope to counteract this negative trend through providing authentic, scholarly and relevant information on Islam, the Muslims and their culture. Our presentation remains rooted in our social context of modern-day Britain and is focused on building bridges of understanding and fostering greater community cohesion. It would also help policy-makers and strategic thinkers to make decisions with a better understanding of the facts regarding their Muslims colleagues, customers or employees.

How do we aim to achieve this?
image We offer a range of generic training packages covering different aspects of community cohesion & cultural awareness with reference to Islam and Muslims.

Our key training package is our Islamic Cultural Awareness Course which provides participants with the opportunity to experience a mosque setting, receive high quality information and ask all their questions.

We also offer flexibility in preparing bespoke packages tailored to your individual needs. If this is your preference, please contact us to discuss the options.