Our Short Courses

Exploding the Stereotypes: Myth-busting the Muslim Faith

This course looks at specific issues which have become a bone of contention for Muslims living in Britain. What is the status of women in Islam? Why do they cover? Are forced marriages acceptable? What is the relationship between Islam and violence? Does every Muslim believe in Jihad? Offering a traditional scholarly perspective, and analysing local customs in light of the Revelation which forms the bedrock of Islamic orthodoxy, this is an interactive presentation designed to clarify contentious issues for attendees. Maybe you’ve never had the opportunity to ask these questions before or are just curious as to the Islamic perspective? Either way this promises to be an enlightening session with an open and honest forum for questions and answers at the end.

The Lives of Man: An Islamic Overview of Human Existence

Where did we come from? Where are we going? And why are we here? These are some of the key questions which agitate every human being at some time or other in their lives. This course looks at the answers which have traditionally been provided by the Islamic religion. An overview of the “five phases of existence”, traditionally believed by all Muslims, is provided:

As always, an open and interactive forum for questions and answers is also provided.

Muhammad – A Brief Biography

Ranked by American researcher Michael H. Hart as history’s most influential global figure, the life of the Prophet Muhammad often remains shrouded in mystery for many Western people. Who was he? What was his message? And why was he so influential? These are some of the aspects of his life considered in this informative and engaging course. A biographical sketch of the Prophet's life - including birth, youth, marriage, revelation, struggles of Mecca, migration (Hijra), life in Medina and, finally, his death – are all covered. We also look at the lessons learnt from this inspirational life and why Muslims around the world – over a millennium after - attempt to emulate the prophetic example in their day-to-day activities. As always, an open and friendly forum for questions and answers is provided at the end.

The Three Dimensions: Faith, Submission and Beauty

Structured around the influential hadith (prophetic narration) in which the angel Gabriel appeared to the Prophet Muhammad in human form asking a series of questions, this course looks at the three key elements of Islamic belief and practice. Faith (Imaan), Submission (Islam) and the pursuit of Beauty (Ihsan) are examined as part of a holistic and inter-related overview of the Islamic vision. What are the key articles of a Muslim’s belief? What are the key pillars of practice? And to what spiritual aspiration does the Muslim strive? A closer look at the answers to these questions is provided and, as always, an open and informative forum for questions and answers is provided.

Islamic Medical Ethics

Islamic Medical Ethics has, without doubt, become an extremely important yet perplexing topic for many today. With the introduction of modern medical technology and clinical advancement, Muslims are increasingly facing emerging ethical issues - often compounded by the complexity of modern medicine - which give rise to a number of complex dilemmas and difficult decisions, some that affect even life and death.

Here are a sample of questions considered on this course: should I donate a kidney so that I may save another person's life? Should I turn off the life support machine of my brain-dead child? I am facing infertility problems; is it permissible for me to look at alternative methods of conceiving like bio-technical parenting or IVF treatment? Can I terminate my pregnancy if I'm made pregnant by rape? Is stem cell research allowed in Islam? What about prosthetic surgery and organ donation? The list goes on...

thinkBRITE has prepared a number of short presentations and seminars on 'The Basis and Basics of Medical Ethics in Islam' covering the following wide range of contemporary topics:

Should any group of medics or students wish to take advantage of these training sessions, please contact Maulana on Maulana@tbservices.org.uk or 07971751038.