Meet Our Team

We have a number of experienced trainers, both male and female, able to deliver high quality sessions at short notice. Meet our core team below.

Maulana Fazal Hassan

Portrait Frame Maulana (title used to denote Imam in Arabic) is a qualified Islamic scholar who graduated from the prestigious Islamic Seminary in Holcombe, Bury. Trained in classical Islamic sciences - including Arabic language and grammar, Quranic exegesis, prophetic traditions and fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) - Maulana has over 15 years of teaching experience at higher level educational establishments. He has held positions as a lecturer in A-Level Religious Education and Community Languages as well as serving as an Imam and Muslim Chaplain at the Blackburn & Hyndburn Ribble Valley (BHRV) NHS Trust.

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Riyaz Timol

Portrait Frame Riyaz is an experienced producer and deliverer of diversity training workshops having worked successfully as a Diversity Champion in a major civil service department for several years. In his professional capacity, Riyaz has delivered diversity awareness sessions to a range of audiences from grass-roots to senior management, and in 2008 led a small team in devising a general diversity training package which was approved for delivery to over 7000 colleagues.

Waqaus Ali

Portrait Frame Waqaus is a firm believer in multiculturalism and individual contribution. He is dedicated to empowering grass root communities to move beyond simple integration. Waqaus’s professional experience of training and consultancy, alongside his passion for education, enriches his contribution to thinkBRITE’s strategy. He is frequently invited by Edgehill University’s Faculty of Religious Education to lecture trainee teachers on Islam & culture awareness. Waqaus is also a long serving member of Burnley & Pendle Faith Centre and is regularly invited to speak at numerous schools, universities and various community and faith forums.

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